AMD Ryzen support coming in May!

HEX 2.0


The HEX 2.0 combines a proprietary state-of-the-art high performance thermoelectric module with an innovative heat exchanger. The small form factor CPU cooler pioneers a new category of cooling technology. The compact design comfortably fits in small chassis, including mini-ITX cases, while delivering cooling capacity beyond that of much larger coolers.


Exceptional Temperature Control


Custom LED Options


No Water


Easy Installation Into Intel


1-Year Limited Warranty


Smart Electronics Monitor Temp



Type Fan Heatsink with Thermoelectric Heat Pump
Fan Integrated 92 mm
Key Features Small Form Factor, High Performance Integrated and Swappable 92mm Fan Supports TDP Power for Over Clocking Beyond 140W Low Noise Design (33 dBA @ max speed) Active/Passive Cooling (Using Phononic’s Thermoelectric Technology) Integrated Electronic Control Applies Active Cooling only When Needed Optional Application Software and User Interface Allows User to Adjust Performance Characteristics

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Motherboard Connections
CPU Fan Provided connector
Power Connections Standard 6-pin AUX graphics cable | Required voltages = 12VDC
Optional USB Interface Provided connector
Electronic Control Specifications
On Board Electronics Plug in power fan connector to enable operation
USB Connection Enables HEX 2.0 dashboard application for monitoring and customization
Cooler Specifications
Dimensions 125 x 112 x 95 mm (H x W x D)
Weight 810 grams
Material RoHS compliant
Fan Specifications
Size 92 x 92 x 25 mm (H x W x D)
Connector 4-PIN PWM
RPM Max: 2650rpm (33dBA) | Typical Idle: 1000rpm (<17dBA)
Air Flow / Max Static Pressure 44 CFM Maximum / 3.1 mm H2O




Intel AMD
Socket LGA2011 (incl. v3) LGA 115x AM2/ , AM3
MAX TDP 140W 95W 220W
Max OC Max OC

HEX 2.0 performance is compatible with the highest power CPUs on the market, with room for overclocking.

HEX 2.0 App


  • Control the amount of cooling the thermoelectric heat pumps provide by selecting the appropriate cooling mode
  • Customize the look of your HEX 2.0 by selecting LED colors, effects, or just turn it off
  • Keep up to date with the latest firmware for your HEX 2.0 and any new additions to the application

HEX 2.0 Noise Levels

How noisy is the HEX 2.0? We’ve stacked up our thermoelectric CPU cooler against everyday noise sources to see how well it performs.

With a maximum sound level of a mere 32 dB, not only does the HEX 2.0 outperform the leading all-in-one liquid cooler, but it also produces significantly less noise than almost any other common object. This becomes even more obvious if you know that a small increase in decibels dramatically increases loudness - for example, 40 dB is almost twice as loud as 30 dB.

Sources for noise levels: (1) HEX 2.0 noise levels were measured in Phononic's anechoic chamber; (2) Leading AIO Cooler stats;
(3); (4); (5)

AMD Ryzen support

AMD's new Ryzen chips promise smooth gaming and advanced multi-processing performance. As Tweaktown wrote back in March: "AMD fans have something to rejoice about, and CPU buyers have some tough decisions to make." But whichever choice you make for your CPU, you'll want to use the best cooling solution to keep your performance at peak.

Phononic’s HEX 2.0, the industry’s best small form-factor CPU cooling solution, will have AM4 adapter kits available May of 2017. Please come back then to reserve yours.


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