Phononic in Small Appliances

Compressors don’t belong on countertops. Our solid state technology enables industrial designers to build cooling solutions for the smallest appliances, from countertop refrigerators to portable freezers.

coffee maker small appliance heating and cooling



Solid state technology doesn’t contain a compressor, which means it can operate vibration-free and be placed on countertops without disturbing the environment.

icon image Near-silent, less than 35 dB

Our compressor-less technology is significantly quieter at less than 35dB and can be placed in high-traffic areas such as point-of-sale or residential countertops, without negatively impacting the customer or consumer experience.


It works wherever you want it to work. We’ve designed our technology to be portable enough to be applied to the smallest appliances that can be easily moved and transported.


Our solid state technology is compact by nature to allow for greater freedom of placement and up to 40% more storage space in the smallest spaces, including kitchen counters and even futuristic couches with coolers within them, helping you keep your drink cool while you’re watching the game.



With solid state technology, kegerators can be built and designed to meet extreme temperature demands while operating at an ambient noise level.

Countertop ice maker and ice cream maker

Our solid state technology gets us to freezing temperatures to quickly and quietly create ice and ice cream—all on your countertop.

Portable freezers

Our solid state technology can be used to power portable freezers, such as our Phononic F200 Merchandising Freezer, at hotel checkout counters, hotel minibars, and marketplaces, to name a few.

Commercial freezing and refrigeration

With solid state technology, commercial spaces have more options to cool in unconventional places—from refrigerated drawers and water coolers in office spaces to countertop freezers in restaurants, bars, hotels, and beyond.

Home of the future

Small appliances powered by solid state technology transform the home by distributing cooling in small form factors such as kitchen appliances and other household goods.

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