Phononic in the Home of the Future

Our solid state technology has the potential to transform cooling and heating in the home. Cool only what you need to cool, at the exact temperature, exactly where you need it.

A modern living room with couch and fireplace.

A tiny climate, wherever you need it.

With solid state technology, the temperature is set to wherever you’re at. So, rather than having to cool or heat an entire home, you can simply control the temperature for the space you’re using.

Personalized climate control

Stay in control of the weather.

Solid state technology gives you greater control over the environment with precise temperature control and optimal efficiency. Our system is designed to maximize comfort—wherever you’re trying to heat or cool.


Household distributed refrigeration

Our solid state technology can be implemented around the home to distribute cooling wherever you need it. Whether it’s refrigerated medicine cabinets or kitchen drawers, or even chilled beers in the couch—with solid state technology it’s all possible.

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Small appliances

Small appliances powered by solid state technology transform the home by distributing cooling in small form factors, such as kitchen appliances, kegerators, ice cream makers, and other household goods.

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Outdoor patio

Our solid state technology offers cooling for outdoor spaces. You can expand the use of your residential and commercial outdoor spaces to be comfortable year-round, hot or cold—even utilizing battery or energy-efficient solar power.

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