Delivering the cooling technology for the autonomous vehicle revolution.

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In the next 10 to 15 years, the emergence of Autonomous Vehicles (AV) will usher in a new level of safety and efficiency for all manner of transport — from passenger vehicles to long-haul trucking to delivery. LiDAR will be a central component of this revolution, serving as the main source of high-resolution, three-dimensional data about the environment around the car.

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LiDAR is expected to become a multi-billion dollar market by 2025, with over $2B USD invested in recent years and over 10 million highly autonomous (SAE Level 4 or higher) cars, trucks and robotaxis anticipated to be on the road by 2030. It is clear that LiDAR is a necessary technology for realizing L4 — highly autonomous/self-driving, with only occasional/optional human driver intervention — or higher. And it is also clear that active cooling and temperature control with thermoelectric devices is necessary to meet the range, resolution and performance requirements needed of LiDAR sensors for AV.

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Active cooling of the precisely-tuned lasers and detectors inside LiDAR sensors ensures high sensitivity, reduced interference, high reliability and perfect operation in a broad temperature range of the LiDAR sensor’s light engine. Phononic is working with LiDAR sensor makers and component providers today on thermoelectric cooling solutions that will enable the AV revolution of tomorrow.

Automotive Lidar Product

Delivering highest-level performance, reliability, precision and design, Phononic TECs ensure that the exacting requirements for today’s high-profile automotive LiDAR applications are met — every time.

Engineering benefits.

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Up to 60% higher heat pumping density and up to 30% less power consumption drives global data transmission.

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The process control and in-line metrology employed in our automated manufacturing facility ensure reliability and precision that scale into production, as evidenced by a TEC return rate of 0% in mass production.

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Our automated manufacturing line with extensive process control and metrology ensures superior quality and reliability in high-volume production.

Unparalleled design

Our design, simulation, and proposal process allows us to create a device that is tailor- made to exact customer needs, minimizing risk of a costly redesign and ensuring best-in-class performance.

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