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Phononic’s unrivaled approach to solid state cooling has broken boundaries in semiconductor technology to deliver unprecedented temperature control and energy efficiency that the world never thought possible.

From countertop freezers and refrigerators to pinhead-sized fiber optics, our technology takes infinite forms to unseat the wasteful and unreliable cooling technologies of the past, which depend on bulky compressors, noisy fans and noxious gases and are simply not suited for the modern world. We have already transformed the way life-saving drugs and vaccines are protected, data is transmitted and food and beverages are sold, stored and transported.

Phononic is backed by a diversified and global mix of venture and private equity investors, including:

Phononic Investors

GGV Capital

GGV Capital was founded with the unique idea to have a single team operating in both China and the U.S. These two locations give our team a truly global perspective. The culmination of this is 17 years of experience identifying the next big trends in tech, internet, mobile, hardware, cloud and SaaS in the world’s two largest tech markets.

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Tony Fadell's Future Shape, LLC

We see a future that’s greener, healthier, safer, in which every person enjoys a longer, richer life. We invest in the engineer or scientist working on foundational technology to make that future a reality.

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Venrock Associates

Venrock helps entrepreneurs build some of the world's most disruptive, successful companies. We partner with entrepreneurs who have grand ambitions - who want to tackle big, hard problems that most think not possible. Our collaboration - engagement, network, passion and experience - gives entrepreneurs the unfair advantage needed to win, and win big.

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Oak Investment Partners

As a multi-stage venture capital firm, Oak focuses on high-growth opportunities in the Information Technology, Internet and Consumer, Financial Services Technology, Healthcare Information and Services, and Clean Energy sectors. Our goal is to help dynamic companies transform the way business is done.

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Tsing Capital

Founded in 2000 on the philosophy of “Doing Well by Doing Good©,” Tsing Capital is China’s first fund management company dedicated to multi-disciplinary sustainable technology investing in China and globally. Tsing Capital has deep domain expertise across environment, clean and efficient energy, new material and intelligent technologies across broad industries with emphasis on advanced manufacturing, sustainable mobility, sustainable agriculture, and future cities.

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UBS Private Wealth Management

With a 150-year history and a network of offices in over 50 countries on 5 continents, UBS has extensive experience managing the wealth of high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals. Our global strategy is centered on strengthening UBS’s leading Wealth Management Americas franchise while integrating and finding synergies among the Investment Bank and Asset Management divisions to deliver outstanding solutions for our clients.

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THI Investments

THI Investments is a single family office founded in January 2016 after divesting an 80 year-old family business. Our goal is to invest in a diversified portfolio of financial and company assets and grow them over the long term. We are entrepreneurs, industrialists and investors. Our companies are designed to adapt to and thrive on rapid global changes, such as digitisation, demographics, urbanisation and resource sustainability.

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REX Health Ventures

REX Health Ventures (RHV) is a groundbreaking innovation platform being created by UNC REX Healthcare to foster and nurture innovative technologies and companies in the healthcare sector. The RHV mission is to enable access to healthcare products and services that will allow for improved patient care.

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Tidewater Equity Partners

Founded in late 2016, Tidewater Equity Partners is a North Carolina investment firm focusing on small company private equity as well as healthcare venture capital. We leverage our network of investment professionals, company operators and industry experts to identify, research, structure and manage high quality investment opportunities.

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Wellcome Trust

We’re a global charitable foundation, both politically and financially independent. We support scientists and researchers, take on big problems, fuel imaginations, and spark debate.

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China Huaneng Group

China Huaneng Group is a key state-owned company established with the approval of the State Council. With registered capital of 20 billion Yuan, the Company is mainly engaged in the following business: development, investment, construction, operation and management of power sources; production and sale of power and heat; development, investment, construction, production, and sale of businesses and products related to finance, energy transportation, renewable energy, and environmental protection; industrial investment, operation and management.

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Our diversified approach to tech innovation means that we believe the future will be driven by both software and hardware developments. If you want to learn more about our strategy, our high-powered investors, or what we do, contact us today.

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