Food Trends: How Natural Became the New Norm

Grocery Store

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The year is 1989. A third grader gloomily opens his lunchbox, less than thrilled to see his natural peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread with an apple as the side. He looks around to see all his friends feasting on fluffernutters on white bread, Butterscotch Krimpets® and Ecto Coolers. Fast forward to 2019, and… Read More

Blog: 3 Reasons Why 400G in the Datacenter Requires Effective Thermoelectric Cooling

Data Center

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With consumer demand driving ever-faster, ever-better devices and networks, and cloud storage needs only increasing as well, the rollout of 400G in the datacenter has been much anticipated. Form factors and optical modules to support 400G are here, and expected to continue to launch throughout the year. In order to deliver the high performance needed… Read More

OFC 2019: A Quick Recap

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There were a lot of great discussions had and innovative technologies unveiled at the 2019 Optical Networking and Communication Conference (OFC). New product developments and common challenges in deployment were all uncovered and dissected, and it’s clear that thermoelectric cooling will be a major opportunity for lowering costs and raising performance in many of these… Read More

Why Noise Matters in the NICU

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In the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), infants are constantly cared for and monitored. And while that is certainly a good thing, the alarms, beeps and buzzes from the cardiopulmonary and other monitors greatly increase noise levels and expose the babies to high intensity sound. The sound environment in most NICUs is louder than a… Read More

Reimagine Your Design Process with Solid-State Technology

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Solid-state thermal technology is transforming the way we cool and heat. Commonly-used cooling and heating technologies are now more than a century old, and they’re simply unable to adapt to modern demands. At Phononic, we are reimagining cooling and heating based on our deep expertise in solid-state thermoelectric devices. Our team of thermal design engineers… Read More

How to Master OFC: Tips & Trends to Look For

OFC conference

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The Optical Networking and Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC) is fast approaching, and Kevin Granucci, VP and GM at Phononic, put together a handy guide to help you get the most out of your time at the show. What trends should you be looking for, and how can you best take advantage of the networking… Read More

Four Reasons to Consider Solid-State Freezers for Your Research or Healthcare Facility

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At most research or healthcare facilities, the medical freezer setup involves of a bank of large freezers in one storage room and/or a few undercounter freezers at select workbenches. They are typically shared storage areas, with frequent openings and closings from various researchers or employees throughout the day. This traditional freezer arrangement works … but… Read More

Distributed Freezing: 3 Reasons to Get Your Products Out of the Deep Freeze

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Today’s consumers have more food options than ever before, from entire aisles dedicated to ice cream to the rapidly growing number of fast-casual restaurants. Brands need to find ways to differentiate among countless competitive products and retailers, and operators have to enhance the customer experience to keep them coming back. As revealed in our latest… Read More

Flu Activity is on the Rise: Is your Vaccine Storage up to Par?

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While the 2018-19 flu season appears to be mild (so far), compared to last year’s epidemic that killed 80,000 Americans, both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and doctors are urging people to get their flu vaccines if they haven’t already done so. Health officials recently announced that flu activity is increasing rapidly… Read More