4 Design Considerations for 5G Cooled Optics

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Today, talk about 5G is unavoidable. The tech and telecom industries are focusing heavily on it, with thought leaders and industry publications trying to quantify what the rollout of 5G applications will mean for the marketplace. So, what does this mean for optical component manufacturers? Increasing data rates and longer reaches of fiber both need… Read More

Flu Vaccine Refrigeration: Improve Patients’ Safety and Reduce Your Risk

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It’s that time of year again. Summer is unofficially over, the kids are back to school, and flu season is just around the corner. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all adults and children older than six months receive a flu vaccine by the end of October 2018. Getting vaccinated before… Read More

Frozen Foods Making a Comeback, Thanks to…Millennials???

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When you picture millennials at the grocery store, you probably imagine a cart full of fresh organic produce, kefir and free-range meats. However, a 2018 study concluded that there is room reserved in their carts for another food type: frozen. The study by CPG Marketing Firm Acosta found that 26% of total U.S. grocery shoppers… Read More

The New NICU: Caring for the Entire Family

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During the past few decades, neonatal intensive care has shifted dramatically – from a system that primarily separated parents and their infants to one that facilitates early bonding and parental involvement. This concept of Family-Centered Care (FCC) takes various forms in different neonatal intensive care units (NICUs), but the end goal is always the same:… Read More

3 Ways Solid-State Refrigeration Can Help You Become (and Stay) USP <800> Compliant

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When you’re just starting to smell spring’s freshly bloomed flowers or enjoying your first ballpark hot dog of 2018, a date like December 1, 2019 can seem very far away. But if you’re in charge of cleanroom regulatory compliance, you know the USP <800> deadline will be here before you know it. Whether you’ve conducted… Read More

USP <800>: 3 Refrigeration Compliance FAQs

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As many healthcare systems begin to explore the detailed requirements of USP General Chapter <800> Hazardous Drugs – Handling in Healthcare Settings, they often have questions concerning refrigeration equipment, placement of refrigeration, ventilation and other specifics. Here are the answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions about refrigeration-related compliance with USP <800>…. Read More

USP <800>: Is your Refrigerator Putting your Compliance at Risk?

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Although the deadline for USP <800> compliance was pushed back to 2019, many healthcare systems are already well into their preparations to meet the new standards. If you’re not as far along as you planned to be at this point, it can be overwhelming to think about every aspect of your drug handling and storage… Read More

Sell More Frozen Treats This Summer With This “Cool” Technology Innovation

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Get a Sneak Preview at the National Restaurant Association Event, Booth 7977 Are you a forward-thinking leader looking for the next food service technology innovation that will impact your bottom line this summer? The National Restaurant Association Show is less than a week away and Phononic is #FiredUp to be showcasing our cooling technology innovation… Read More

Why Sustainability Should Be a No-Brainer for Your Business

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In the past, sustainability was often an initiative met with hesitation from corporate boards and executives, as it had a reputation for costing more than the perceived value of its benefits. However, embracing a sustainable business culture can actually result in significant cost savings and competitive advantages. A recent survey from McKinsey shows that many… Read More

3 Lessons Retail Grocery Chains Can Learn from Toys “R” Us

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Many of today’s parents grew up as Toys “R” Us kids. While they may have been taken aback by the company’s recent bankruptcy filings and closure of all its stores, most of the business world was not surprised. The store had been drowning in debt for several years, and the reasons are all too familiar… Read More