Driving innovation and connection.

We live in a constantly connected world, where we turn to technology for everything from education to entertainment to maintaining our personal relationships. Our phones, tablets, and laptops allows us to carry the internet with us everywhere, and we expect immediate and seamless connectivity anywhere we go. Yet so much of this critical access is dependent on something most people haven’t heard of—thermoelectric coolers (TECs).

Driving innovation and connection.

Re-engineering TECs for faster, more reliable networks.

Our customers live at the edge of innovation, inventing new ways to make networks faster and more reliable, yet also less expensive. In recent years, they’ve been redesigning their own technology to meet this goal. They are fundamentally changing how they build the lasers that carry content across their networks, by cooling those lasers with TECs and switching to more cost-effective non-hermetic packaging approaches. This shift enables performance improvements, but it also brings new design challenges that need creative solutions.

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A fundamental re-engineering of TECs.

Phononic’s answer to these challenges is the ReefTEC™ platform, made possible by a deep expertise in thermal design. We’ve solved the root cause of failure for TECs in highly accelerated condensing environments, improving reliability by 5X as compared to hermetic TECs or other non-hermetic solutions. Coupled with unrivaled cooling performance, ReefTEC™ is the only TEC capable of enabling this fundamental shift to a new kind of optical communications transceiver.

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Making next-generation networks possible.

Now, our customers can use our cooling technology to ensure that their networks deliver these critical connections to their customers, reliably and consistently—delivering better performing, faster networks without driving cost.



ReefTEC™ Non-Hermetic TEC Platform

Completely re-engineered TECs that help enable dramatic cost savings at the package level without sacrificing performance, for non-hermetic applications.

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