Quieter and safer breast milk storage solutions.

Phononic’s solid state refrigerators are helping children’s hospitals and NICUs achieve safer breast milk storage with precise temperature control and near-silent operation ensuring peace and privacy for newborns and their mothers.

Store breast milk where it’s needed.

The bonding experience between a mother and baby is a precious moment that deserves safe and quality care. With no toxic or flammable refrigerants, Phononic’s medical-grade refrigerators are quieter, safer, and cleaner—allowing children’s hospitals and NICUs to store breast milk exactly where it’s needed.

Improved staff workflow efficiency.

By storing breast milk directly in the patient room, there’s no need for nurses and milk techs to go back and forth to central storage. For children’s hospitals and NICUs, that means improved efficiency, higher patient satisfaction, and increased revenue.

Greater care. Higher satisfaction.

Phononic isn’t just creating quieter, safer, and more convenient solutions for neonatal care. Our solid state refrigerators are also keeping pharmaceuticals cool, ensuring vaccine safety, and creating worry-free storage solutions across healthcare. This is the new standard of care your patients deserve.



The Countertop Refrigerator

Our medical-grade countertop refrigerator delivers up to 10x the temperature stability and 40% more storage capacity than compressor-based solutions. With quiet operation, larger capacity, and lower energy consumption, it’s perfect for breast milk storage in NICU single-family rooms.

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Countertop Refrigerator

The Undercounter Refrigerator

Our undercounter refrigerator provides the highest level of cold-storage protection and increased storage capacity in a small footprint. With just 35dB of noise, it’s quiet enough to be placed directly in NICU single-family rooms without disturbing newborns and their mothers.

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It’s quiet enough to be placed directly in NICU.

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