The Need for a Proper Commercial Beverage Cooler

June 17, 2019

Thriving businesses must adapt to a growing technologically-savvy customer base that is constantly on the move and wanting expedient service. In doing so, the company or business should provide a well-stocked commercial drink cooler that can hold a large quantity of beer, water, soda, or even sports drinks at an optimal cool temperature. Having this product ready at hand at an ideal cool temperature creates a convenient and successful customer experience. Imagine the possibilities of better commercial refrigeration in terms of revenue generation: openly display sports or recovery drinks at the gym, featuring local craft beers at your bar, or drive impulse purchases of sodas and waters at your grocery store checkout counter. Phononic can deliver a solution to convenience and quick service with greater capacity, solid state refrigeration. 

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Phononic and Commercial Beverage Coolers

At Phononic, our commercial beverage coolers can hold up to 40% more capacity than compressor-based models. More capacity means more available product for sale and in turn means greater revenue generation and customer satisfaction due to the capability of more product being properly cooled. Our beverage coolers are also very energy efficient. Phononic's solid state cooling approach to refrigeration design means you are using sustainable technology.  Phononic refrigeration is solid state cooling and offers the benefits that outdated compressor-utilizing refrigeration cannot. Phononic's semiconductor-based refrigeration is compact, quieter, cleaner, safer, and capable of holding more product.  Phononic offers countertop and end cap refrigeration, undercounter refrigeration, and merchandising refrigeration. Countertop and end cap refrigeration are ideal for customer visibility as these are often placed on checkout counters, concession stands, or bar tops. Undercounter refrigeration is ideal for close quarter areas like kitchens, barbacks, and checkout counters as it creates the convenience of being compact. Lastly, our merchandising refrigeration unit offers the convenience of being compact enough for checkout counters, bar tops, concession stands, and any other points of sale.