Solid State Technology and Temperature Monitoring

June 14, 2019

It is important to ensure your cooling systems are consistently being effective and efficient. This is done with proper temperature monitoring. Temperature monitoring is the assurance of a consistent temperature by being processed through continual tracking and oversight. Automated data logging is the primary way to monitor temperature. Automated data logging is the process of tracking over a period of time typically with sensors that are linked to a computer. This can be seen with devices that pertain to refrigeration and optoelectronic cooling. 

Phononic and Temperature Monitoring

Phononic offers an innovative approach towards cooling via solid state technology, the use of semiconductors. We replace the use of compressors for more modern and quality technology with the use of semiconductors. We provide our solid state cooling approach for the purposes of refrigeration and CPU cooling. With cooling, we make it a priority to ensure consistent and reliable temperatures. Phononic provides precise and unparalleled temperature control and stability. This is done through our use of automatic data logging. Automatic data logging allows for the monitoring of traffic indicators like refrigeration door openings and tracking of cooling consistency. Phononic offers refrigeration for life science & healthcare and commercial food & beverage purposes. In addition, we provide cooling technology for CPU's and Optoelectronics. Proper and effective temperature monitoring is essential to a plethora of functions. Temperature monitoring is necessary for life sciences & healthcare in the assurance of properly cooled blood and its components, breast milk, and drugs and vaccines during the storage process and ensures damage and destruction. Temperature monitoring is also necessary for the commercial food and beverage industry by assuring optimally cooled beverages and foods. Lastly, temperature monitoring is important in the field of optoelectronics. This is because devices like transmitters that go about significant data transmission require cooling to ensure their components do not overheat. Overall, Phononic provides superior temperature monitoring with our solid state approach towards cooling.