Solid State Mini Fridges

June 13, 2019

A mini fridge, also known as a compact refrigerator or a micro fridge, is physically smaller than a full-size kitchen refrigerator. Mini fridges are used where space is limited, such as in college dorm rooms, offices, stores, bar backs, labs and even hospital patient rooms. 

Mini fridges are a great way to bring cold storage for drinks and snacks into spaces that can't accommodate a full-size refrigerator. While personal use, such as in dorms or offices, is very common, they are also regularly used for beverage storage in retail applications. Typical commercial locations include restaurants, bars, convenience and grocery stores, concession stands and more.  

Mini Fridge Sizes

Common mini fridge styles include countertop and undercounter options. Typical dimensions for mini fridges can range anywhere from 1.7 cubic feet (cu. ft.) to 4.5 cu. ft. of internal capacity. The smallest sizes are cube-shaped and the largest sizes will often incorporate small freezers. Compare these size ranges to a standard full-size refrigerator, with a full-size freezer located either at the top or bottom, which stands at around 66 or 67 inches tall and offers up to 18 cu. ft. of storage capacity. 

Phononic Mini Fridges

Phononic's solid state refrigerators can be used for food & beverage or life sciences & healthcare applications. Our compressor-less mini fridges are available in countertop and undercounter options to fit different needs and space requirements.

For food & beverage applications, our mini fridges offer a way for retailers and restaurants to showcase their higher-margin cold products in unique spaces that currently can't accommodate full-size refrigeration, such as right at the point of sale. Our countertop, or merchandising / end cap refrigerator is available with a clear glass door for display and has 5.2 cu. ft. of capacity. Our undercounter option offers 5.5 cu. ft. and also features a clear door for maximum product display.

For life sciences and healthcare, our mini refrigerators (also countertop and undercounter styles) are medical-grade, meaning they are qualified to meet CDC and FDA requirements for safe medication, vaccination, and breast milk storage. This makes them a significantly safer choice than a standard dorm-style mini fridge. They are also the only solid state medical-grade ENERGY STAR® Certified refrigerators available on the market, offering a sustainable and economical solution.