Solid State Freezing for Alcohol Popsicles

June 17, 2019

Alcohol pops are an adult frozen novelty. These are popsicles that are infused with adult beverages such as liquors or wine alcohol. These delicious concoctions are typically comprised of water, juice, sugar, fruit, and a liquor of your choice. Once the perfect recipe is created, it is then placed into ice molds and frozen. Alcohol popsicles can be made at home. However, for convenience and quality, it is recommended to purchase these frozen treats from an official alcohol popsicle company.

Like ice cream and similar cold treats, alcohol pops are best enjoyed frozen. They are a fun adult snack for barbecues or summer parties. When they're kept cold, alcohol pops are a refreshing treat on a hot day. Stocking them in a freezer also keeps them from melting or spoiling.

Solid State Freezing for Alcohol Pops

Phononic’s solid state merchandising freezer solutions offer both proper cooling to keep your alcohol popsicles frozen as well as greater visibility to market them, for higher sales. High traffic areas like bars, pool sides, and restaurants are the perfect opportunity to sell alcohol popsicles. Being able to advertise these delicious products on a countertop, such as a checkout station, opens the potential for a greater number of impulse purchases. It also keeps high-demand products like alcohol pops within easy reach of the bartender during busy times.

Phononic offers a line of commercial freezers that are compact enough to sit right at checkout. They do not use a bulky and loud compressor, making them quiet enough that they won't interrupt the sales process. 

With solid state technology, Phononic's freezers keep frozen treats like ice cream or alcohol pops at the perfect temperature to enjoy on a hot summer day. Our freezers also have excellent temperature uniformity and stability across the cabinet, so you never have to worry about fluctuations in temperature or hot spots that melt your frozen treats.