Solid State Commercial Refrigerator

June 14, 2019

The commercial refrigerator is a critical piece of equipment for driving beverage sales in a retail environment. They are placed primarily along checkout counters at supermarkets and grocery stores. These coolers offer the consumer a variety of cold beverages, leading to impulse sales opportunities. Commercial refrigerators are also used in convenience stores, restaurants and bars as well.

Commercial Refrigerator Types

Commercial refrigerators such as the glass door refrigerator come in different form factors for use in retail and food service, depending on its placement and capacity requirements. The most common retail placement for a commercial fridge is near checkout or in grocery aisles. Beverage companies now have a wider basket of beverages marketed to customers based on their preferences. Well-placed, well-lit fridges give consumers a peek into this variety while shopping or at checkout.

In the refrigerated and frozen food sections of grocery stores, commercial refrigerators are large in size, storing and displaying a broad selection of beverages. At the checkout counter, fridges need to be smaller, but traditional compressor-based options can sometimes be too bulky to fit underneath or on top of the counter. Restaurants and bars often experience the same problem: large compressor-based commercial refrigerators take up a lot of space in the kitchen and behind the bar. Refrigerators with a large storage volume are needed in restaurants to keep the kitchen well-stocked, but a traditional commercial refrigerator with a space-hogging compressor is more difficult to fit in busy areas.

A traditional commercial refrigerator that's compressor-based poses another problem to food and beverage storage: a lack of temperature stability. In stores, restaurant kitchens and bars, fridge doors are constantly being opened by customers and employees. Commercial refrigerators with compressors don't recover their desired temperature quickly enough to keep products safe.

Commercial Refrigerators from Phononic

Phononic's line of solid state commercial refrigerators are excellent solutions for grocery stores, restaurants, bars and other businesses in the food and beverage industry. Instead of relying on compressors, Phononic's breakthrough semiconductor-based commercial refrigerators deliver better overall performance. Solid state refrigerators provide unparalleled temperature stability to safely store cold and frozen products. 

Without bulky compressors, Phononic's commercial refrigerators have a compact design. The Merchandising Refrigerator 5.2 and Merchandising Refrigerator 0.4 are both great options for countertops as well as placement in displays at the point of sale. The Merchandising Freezers can introduce frozen products like ice cream to the checkout counter.