Refrigerator Sizes

June 14, 2019

Because there are so many different uses and applications for refrigerators, they come in many sizes. Typical home (kitchen-style) refrigerators are between 30 and 36 inches wide, 67 and 70 inches tall and 29 to 35 inches deep. Most home refrigerators vary between 22 cubic feet and 31 cubic feet in volume as well, which includes the freezer portion. By comparison, mini fridge styles, often used in dorm rooms and offices, can range from 1.7 to 4.5 cu. ft. of capacity.

Commercial Limitations of Refrigerator Sizes

In commercial applications such as restaurants, bars and grocery stores, these typical refrigerator sizes often won't fit where they're most needed. Refrigerator sizes that are small enough to fit underneath counters or on countertops are often better options. With bulky refrigerator sizes, stores and businesses are restricted to storing cold products in the back and sides of the store. Smaller refrigerator sizes for retail purposes would allow businesses to feature cold products in more convenient locations, including at checkout. 

More compact options are also great for bars and concession stands, where there's not a lot of room to store drinks and treats within easy reach. In the life sciences and healthcare industry, having smaller options for refrigerator sizes – but knowing those refrigerators are reliable – is also important. Hospitals, pharmacies, and labs need to keep important medications and supplies within easy reach. Small, less bulky refrigerators allow for this.

Refrigerator Sizes at Phononic

Phononic's solid state refrigerators are the perfect size for easy use in both the medical and food & beverage applications. Our medical-grade countertop refrigerator offers 1.8 cu. ft. of internal capacity and fits perfectly on countertops in patient rooms or at a patient's bedside. Our medical-grade undercounter refrigerator is also the perfect option to use in patient rooms and offers 5.5 cu. ft. of internal capacity. By eliminating the bulky compressor, we are able to offer more storage in a small footprint.

For food service and retail, we also offer different refrigerator sizes: the merchandising refrigerator, the undercounter refrigerator and the merchandising freezer. The merchandising refrigerator has a volume of 5.2 cubic feet and allows businesses to feature cold products right at the checkout counter, with up to 40% more storage capacity. The undercounter refrigerator also allows businesses to showcase cold products at checkout or in tight spaces, with 5.5 cubic feet of internal capacity. For frozen treats such as ice cream, we offer the merchandising freezer. There are two size options: 0.2 cubic ft. and 0.4 cubic ft (we also offer a merchandising refrigerator with the same internal capacity). Both allow businesses to keep high-margin frozen novelties within easy reach of customers at the checkout line.