Refrigeration Capacity

June 14, 2019

Refrigeration Capacity means how much of a product can be held within a refrigeration unit. It also refers to the energy required to produce the cooling. These are valuable and important features of refrigeration. As a healthcare facility, this allows you to store more medication vital to your patient's needs. As a restaurant, gym, or bar it is important to have high quality and high capacity commercial coolers. With a high refrigeration capacity, this allows for more product to be stored in an ideal cooling setting. Next, if you display your product openly to your customers this opens the door for more profit. This allows your product to be available at the glimpse of an eye or just a reach away from your customers to purchase.  

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Phononic's Approach Towards Refrigeration Capacity

Phononic's approach towards refrigeration capacity surpasses the competitors. Our refrigeration units can hold up to 40% (commercial beverage coolers) and 50% (medical refrigeration) more capacity than our competitors. This means that your hospital can store more vital medications for your patients, your bar can store more cold beverages, and your grocery store can store more cold beverages at the checkout counter. This, in turn, promotes greater profits and a greater return on investment for your business. Both our food & beverage and life sciences & healthcare domains offer high quality refrigerator and freezer products. For the commercial food and beverage industry, we have a selection of refrigeration units that include internal volumes of 0.2 (also offered as a freezer), 0.4 (also offered as a freezer), 5.2, and 5.5 in cubic feet. Meanwhile, our life sciences & healthcare products include internal volumes of 1.8 and 5.5 cubic feet. These products offer greater capacity (due to no bulky compressor) and are quiet, energy efficient, and incredibly temperature stable.