Portable Freezer Uses

June 13, 2019

A portable freezer is a mini freezer that's used to store frozen items on the go. It can be easily moved because of its small size. It's similar to a portable refrigerator, but able to support colder temperatures. Portable freezers don't have a huge storage capacity, but they fit well in small spaces.

Portable Freezer Uses

Portable freezers come in handy when trying to store frozen food or medicine in tight spaces. In grocery stores and restaurants, they can be moved to wherever they're needed. They can be used to display certain products with free samples away from the freezer section. They can also be placed on top of checkout counters. Stores can use portable freezers to market their highest-margin frozen foods to customers in more visible locations.

Healthcare providers can also use portable freezers for storage. From the time vaccines are created to the time they are administered, they need to be stored at the perfect temperature. This is referred to as the cold chain. Certain vaccines can be kept safe by freezing. However, they need to remain fully frozen throughout the entire length of the cold chain. When vaccines are being transported, they can be stored in a portable freezer to keep them safe. Portable freezers are the perfect size to use in trucks and delivery vehicles.

Portable Freezer Features

Portable freezers need to be small and light enough to carry around easily. Their purpose is to keep food and medicine frozen while moving them around. If a portable freezer is too bulky, it won't be able to be moved very easily. But it also needs to be big enough to store enough items at once. Compressors are not ideal for portable freezers because they are heavy and noisy. They also take up valuable space that could be used for storage.

Solid State Freezers from Phononic

Phononic's line of merchandising freezers use solid state technology instead of bulky, inefficient compressors. This allows them to be lightweight and compact, making them easy to move when needed. They also have plenty of storage space: the 0.2 cu. ft. model can fit 12 ice cream sandwiches, and the 0.4 cu. ft. model can fit 24 ice cream sandwiches. Phononic freezers deliver better performance and efficiency than traditional freezers.