Ice Cream Refrigeration

June 14, 2019

Ice cream is a frozen treat that's usually enjoyed as a dessert. It's typically made from dairy products such as milk and cream, combined with sweeteners and other flavors to make it tasty. Frozen novelties appeared throughout history as far back as the second century B.C., and the origins of modern-day ice cream were reported in the late 1700s. Today, ice cream is eaten as a sweet snack that's enjoyed by almost everyone, and it's especially delicious on a hot summer day as a frozen treat. There are even non-dairy types for people who are on non-dairy diets.

Phononic and Ice Cream Refrigeration

Because ice cream is a frozen novelty and usually contains dairy, it needs to be stored safely at cold enough temperatures. No matter where it's being eaten or bought, ice cream should be kept in a freezer to keep it safe from spoiling, and tasty to eat. Phononic's solid state freezers for food & beverage applications keep frozen treats such as ice cream at the perfect temperature to serve and enjoy. They also save on space and energy, so they can be placed wherever you need for easy access. 

Phononic's freezers offer unprecedented sustainability and need less maintenance for a longer life-span than traditional freezers. There are two different sizes available: 0.2 cu. ft. or 0.4 cu. ft. of capacity. That gives enough room to fit about 12 ice cream sandwiches in the smaller freezer or 24 ice cream sandwiches in the larger freezer. 

Both freezers are perfect for selling ice cream at the point of sale – checkout counters, bar tops, and concession stands. Phononic freezers also offer the best in temperature control and stability. This means that even with repeated freezer door openings, you can make sure your frozen treats stay at the right temperature.