Beer Refrigeration

June 14, 2019

A beer refrigerator is a beverage refrigerator used specifically to store beer.  Beer refrigerators – also known as commercial refrigerators – are primarily found in bars, restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery stores.  

Beer Temperature

Beer is an alcoholic drink that relies on temperature optimization, so it is important to choose a refrigerator that keeps beer at the perfect temperature consistently.  There are 3 storage temperatures used to lay beer down for maturation and/or storage. Not only will you want store your beers at these specific temperatures, but also you'll want to serve them at the same. Your strong beers (like barleywines, tripels, dark ales) should be kept at room temperature (55-60F), most of your standard ales (like bitters, IPAs, dobbelbocks, lambics, stouts, etc) will be at cellar temperature (50-55F) and your lighter beers (like lagers, pilsners, wheat beers, milds, etc) will be at a refrigerated temperature (45-50F). Usually the higher alcohol, the higher temperature and lower alcohol, the lower temperature.

Phononic Beer Refrigeration

Phononic uses solid state technology to achieve precise temperature stability.  Because we use solid state technology, our refrigerators are compressor free.  This allows for 40% more storage capacity. With solid state refrigeration, you’ll discover better temperature stability, faster returns to cool after openings and better efficiency. And our solutions come with automatic data logging, so you can monitor cooling performance.  Our refrigerators are reliable and low-maintenance, so there will be a consistent experience and your team won’t spend half their time fixing broken compressors and fans. Phononic sells 5.2 cubic ft and 5.5 cubic ft beverage refrigerators. Our glass-door unit makes it easy for consumers to take a look at what's inside. Because our refrigerators don't release hot fumes into the workplace and are nearly silent when operating, you can place them anywhere that makes the most sense for you such as a bar top or checkout counter.