Advantages of Back Bar Fridges

June 14, 2019

A back bar fridge is a smaller refrigerator that fits easily behind a bar. The area behind the bar is often narrow and tight. Bars also tend to get busy with lots of foot traffic, as bartenders constantly move up and down the bar to serve customers. Bartenders need to make the most out of the space behind the bar to serve customers as quickly as possible. 

A back bar fridge needs to be small enough to fit in the limited space but also needs to have enough storage to reduce the additional traffic caused by restocking. It can be difficult to find a back bar fridge that has enough storage space but doesn't take up a lot of room. A back bar fridge will often have a glass door, so bartenders or customers can easily see what's inside.

Phononic and The Back Bar Fridge

Phononic sells a variety of refrigerators that fit perfectly behind the bar. Our fridges use solid state technology instead of relying on bulky compressors. Without the compressors taking up so much internal space, there's more room inside the fridge to hold more product. This how our refrigerators can deliver up to 40% more storage than traditional refrigerators in the same space. This means you can keep your bar well-stocked even during busy times. Our compact bar back fridges let you showcase cold drinks and snacks with clear glass doors. A Phononic back bar bridge will also keep your back bar area clear so bartenders can move around easily. 

Phononic sells merchandising refrigerators in two sizes: 0.4 cubic feet of internal capacity and 5.2 cu. ft., making them great countertop options for the bar area so you can keep cool drinks within easy reach and within sight of thirsty customers. Our 5.5 cu. ft. undercounter refrigerator is easy to fit right under the bar, optimizing space and making it the perfect bar back fridge. We also offer a merchandising freezer in sizes of 0.2 or 0.4 cu. ft. that fit perfectly on a countertop, keeping frozen novelties nearby. Both freezer options are great for storing frozen treats at poolside bars, or for helping bartenders make frozen drinks more quickly.