Solid State Refrigeration for Improved Temperature Performance and Fewer Alarms

Minimize the alarms that disrupt what matters most: patient care. With compressor-based refrigerators, facilities managers need to constantly chase temperature excursions. Our medical-grade refrigerators offer more uniformity, stability, and control to minimize temperature alarms, reduce work orders, and maximize patient satisfaction.

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Compressor-based refrigeration often leaves warm and cold spots from uneven cooling, putting vaccines and medications at risk, making areas of the cabinet unsafe to use and generating alarms.


Traditional refrigeration cycles oscillate as much as 5ºC, creating wide temperature fluctuations and resulting in frequent alarms.


Facilities staff are quickly overloaded from work orders generated each time poor temperature performance of a traditional compressor system generates an alarm.



The Countertop Refrigerator / TSG205

Our medical grade countertop refrigerator delivers up to 10X the temperature stability and 50% more storage capacity than compressor-based solutions. With quiet operation, larger capacity, and lower energy consumption, it’s perfect for breast milk storage in the NICU, Children’s Hospital, and Labor & Delivery.

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Countertop Refrigerator

The Undercounter Refrigerator / TSG505/TSX505

Our undercounter refrigerator provides the highest level of cold-storage protection and increased storage capacity in a small footprint. With just 35 dB of noise, it’s quiet enough to be placed directly in the NICU, Children’s Hospital, or Labor & Delivery without disturbing newborns and their mothers.

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It’s quiet enough to be placed directly in NICU.

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