Phononic in Patient Therapy.

Phononic’s solid state technology is uniquely capable of delivering solutions for cryotherapy, thermotherapy, or combination therapy. Whether you’re treating acute injuries or helping alleviate pain and swelling, our technology can help accelerate healing with our unique ability to deliver both cooling and heating therapy with the same technology.

Woman putting ice pack on her knee


Precision temperature

Solid state cooling and healing technology delivers the most precise temperature to help advance healing.

Cool and heat

Unlike traditional methods of cryotherapy and thermotherapy, Phononic’s solid state technology has the unique benefit of applying both cold and hot therapy with the same solution.


Therapy bedding

A lack of a reliable and easy-to-manage thermal system for patient care makes wound care more difficult and expensive to manage. Therapy beds, powered by solid state technology, provide an ideal healing environment.

Injury and pain therapy

The ability to use solid state technology in hot and cold therapy to alleviate pain and swelling and accelerate healing is achieved in a highly-efficient manner—both in terms of design and operation.

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