Phononic Solid State Heat Pump (SHP125)

Phononic’s high-performance SHP125 is a solid state heat pump based on thermoelectric cooling technology. Our devices deliver uniquely large heat pumping capacity in a small package while still providing accurate temperature control.


Superior reliability and performance.

Designed thermoelectric technology provides cooling or heating without sound or vibration, and Phononic’s compact and robust mechanical design facilitates integration into heat exchange systems with superior reliability and performance in a wide variety of applications. Phononic’s SHP125 is designed for medium temperature applications.


Uncompromised performance High heat pumping performance

Reach temperatures and reliability unmatched by typical thermoelectric devices.

Precise temperature control

Provide accurate and selectable temperature ranges.

Exceptional design support

Benefit from Design with Phononic program expertise, resulting in faster time to market
with a design done right the first time.

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