Phononic in Medium Appliances

With solid state technology, freezing and refrigeration can be distributed throughout both commercial and residential spaces with greater efficiency, control, and temperature uniformity—giving you convenient cooling, wherever it’s needed.

modern kitchen with cooling medium appliances


benefits icon Near-silent, less than 35 dB

Compressors are noisy with fans that rev up and down all day, producing loud noise levels. Our solid state technology enables silent or near-silent operation.


Solid state technology operates vibration-free, which means refrigerators and freezers can be placed in unique locations, such as countertops, without disturbing the environment.

More precise, up to 20x better temperature stability

Our solid state technology is more precise, fluctuating at just ±0.5°C and offering greater temperature stability to ensure food safety and quality.


With solid state technology, refrigerators and freezers can be data-enabled to drive more asset utilization around what’s in demand and what’s not.


Residential freezing and refrigeration

Phononic’s solid state technology enables distributed freezing and cooling throughout the home, with multi-cooling zones, better temperature control and stability, and near-silent operation—enhancing everyday living through better technology.

Commercial freezing and refrigeration

From countertop freezers to water coolers and data-enabled minibars, solid state technology has the power to transform the restaurant/bar and hospitality space.

Wine chiller

Solid state technology can chill wines in small, compact spaces with greater temperature stability and control.

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