Phononic in Chillers

For the complex systems created to monitor and control the temperature of cells, specimens, or even organs, Phononic’s solid state technology far surpasses traditional chiller performance.

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Highly-controlled internal conditions

Solid state technology delivers tightly regulated temperatures to ensure reliable and consistent results are obtained.


We offer precision at scale when it comes to different temperature and cooling capacity requirements. Our TECs and our Solid State Heat Pumps are built in a US-based automated manufacturing facility to integrate into applications from benchtop to large bioreactors.

icon image Near-silent operation

Our solid state, compressor-free design eliminates the mechanical parts of the cooling system that break down, resulting in the most quiet operation.


Industrial bioreactor systems

Temperature control and stability are critical success factors for industrial processing in the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries.

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Laboratory benchtop

For smaller experiments in the lab, a benchtop chiller ensures optimal thermal management of the loop, whether it’s water, glycol or any other liquid. Phononic’s solid state solution is longer-lasting and more reliable than traditional chillers, with lower energy consumption.rn

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