Phononic in Portable Cooling

Truly portable freezing and refrigeration has never before been possible because of environmental challenges such as shock and vibration, weight, size, and availability of power. With our solid state technology, portable freezing and refrigeration is now a reality, keeping anything precisely cold anywhere.

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DC-powered refrigeration

Solid state technology can enable battery-powered refrigeration, which offers consistent, reliable cooling over an extended amount of time and the confidence that the contents will be safely kept at the required temperature.

Intuitive temperature monitoring

Our controls are designed to allow temperature monitoring via WiFi or cellular data to verify cold chain compliance. Solid state cooling can respond to remote commands for complete temperature control anywhere, anytime.

Selective compartment cooling

With solid state technology, you can lower the temperature of specific compartments inside an entire cargo container or vehicle as needed—optimizing energy usage while keeping the rest of the space a standard temperature.


Last mile & cold chain

Temperature stability is everything when it comes to last mile delivery and cold chain transport. Our solid state technology offers greater options for mobility and monitoring for cold chain transport—allowing you to maintain reliable and safe temperatures to the very last mile.

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Solid state technology can be built into child car seats for a more comfortable drive for young children as well as compartments in the car for keeping food frozen or chilled on the go. Our chips also provide reliable and uniform temperature stability to help ensure safer LiDAR performance.

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RVs and boats

With solid state technology, refrigerator and freezer functionality can be built into recreational vehicles such as campers and boats to effectively and efficiently keep food and drinks chilled or frozen.

Portable freezers and refrigerators

Imagine tailgating without three bags of melting ice while still keeping your food and drinks at the perfect temperature. Our compact Solid State Heat Pumps enable product designers to build cooling solutions for reliable refrigerating and freezing on the go.

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