Solutions for Off-Grid Applications

If your application is portable, absolutely mission-critical (such as life-saving medical equipment), or otherwise needs to function when disconnected from the power grid, do you have a plan for how to best cool it when no power is available? Phononic TECs deliver precise and consistent cooling without the need for a wired power connection, allowing your product to function with seamless portability.


DC powered

Unlike a compressor, thermoelectric devices only require DC power. You can power off a battery, off a car. It’s easy to design for multiple geographic areas and adaptable to multiple regional power grids.

Extreme performance

Significantly higher reliability and efficiency than bulk thermoelectric devices. Our high-performance devices enable remote refrigeration powered by batteries or solar energy.

Exceptional design support

Our thermal design expertise brings your idea to life. Learn how we can design, optimize, reinvent, or co-create a new or existing product.


Battery-powered refrigeration

Whether your cooling application is on the go (on board an ambulance or delivering meals, for example) or can never afford to go down (maybe you’re storing vaccines), TECs are a high-performance alternative that enable true portability by providing cooling, refrigeration, or even freezing off of low-voltage DC battery power.

Solar power

When sustainability is a goal, converting from DC power to AC and back again impacts energy efficiency at every step. TECs can provide a path to efficient cooling that can be powered directly by the DC output of solar photovoltaics, and offer low power consumption and highly consistent, reliable performance without pulling from the grid.

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