Enable More Impulse Purchases With This “Cool” Technology Innovation

June 13, 2019

Get a Sneak Preview at the National Restaurant Association Event, Booth 7977

Are you a forward-thinking leader looking for the next food service technology innovation that will impact your bottom line this summer? The National Restaurant Association Show is less than a week away and Phononic is #FiredUp to be showcasing our cooling technology innovation with our friends at Al Gelato Chicago, Booth 7977. At Phononic, we are challenging the food industry to reimagine cooling possibilities and unlock new sales opportunities. Here are just a few of the ways that Phononic’s innovative solid state freezers and refrigerators can help restaurants, bars and hotels to sell more this summer:

Innovative product placement: bars, poolside, and even in cabanas!

Indoor/Outdoor Bars, Poolside and Restaurants have busy, high-traffic areas where there’s never quite enough space, and traditional refrigerators only magnify the problem with their use of bulky, loud compressors that waste valuable storage space and release hot exhaust.

Phononic’s innovations in solid state freezers and refrigerators take up only a small countertop or undercounter footprint, enabling hotel check-in areas, concierge desks, hotel bars, and even pool cabanas to generate great revenue opportunities through more predominant product placement. Compact freezers and refrigerators can add a lot to elevate the guest experience with both convenience and the feel of luxury.

Enable more impulse purchases at checkout

While the impulse purchase is most frequently associated with grocery and convenience stores, limited-service and fast casual restaurants also have the opportunity to boost check totals with smart, well-placed displays. According to research by Wrigley Foodservice, 58% of trips to limited-service restaurants are impulsive in nature to begin with. Since purchases are not completely planned out, it’s more natural for customers to add on a beverage or a frozen novelty at checkout, especially when a young child is by their side clamoring for the ice cream they see in the display. Placing Phononic fridges or freezers on checkout counters allows restaurants to add a new – and basically effortless – form of incremental revenue.

Empower bartenders to serve more customers ice cream drinks

Running to the kitchen for ice cream adds significant time to the drink preparation and takes bartenders’ attention away from other customers. Because Phononic solid state freezers are compact and quiet, they can sit right on top of the bar, keeping your staff happier and customers satisfied. With a countertop freezer, bars can also capitalize on last summer’s boozy ice cream phenomenon, a trend that’s expected to continue through 2018. In a recent article about the origin of a drink called the “Detroit Hummer,” bar and restaurant owner Dave Kwiatkowski said quite frankly, “Ice cream is a really huge pain in the a** to work with as a bartender. You’ve got to have a freezer right next to you, basically.” Whether it’s the Detroit Hummer, a mudslide, or any other drink that requires frozen ingredients, most bartenders are less than thrilled to get the order… unless they have just what Dave was asking for….a freezer right on the bar!

Schedule a Discussion at the National Restaurant Association

Phononic refrigerators and freezers open the door to greater revenue and innovative product placement. Our patented solid state cooling solutions are help your restaurant stand out. They have up to 40% greater capacity in a small footprint, deliver excellent temperature stability, and are compact and quiet enough to sit anywhere you need them.

But don’t take our word for it; come see revolutionary cooling for yourself at the National Restaurant Association Show, May 19-22 in Chicago. We’ll be at booth #7977 with Al Gelato Chicago. If you’d like to schedule some one-on-one time, contact Nicole Scott, Senior Product Manager for Food & Bev, [email protected]