Fully optimized, in every way possible.

Our TECs for optical communication components are superior from end to end—in power consumption, performance vs. size, reliability, and quality. We custom-design our TECs to be optimized for any application and any need.

Engineering benefits.

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Our TECs deliver 60% higher heat pumping density with 30% lower power consumption, when compared to our competitors’ TECs.


We strive to offer precision at scale when it comes to the assembly process. Our TECs are built in a US-based automated manufacturing facility to scale quickly from design into production, reducing NPI timelines.

Unparalleled design

Our design, simulation, and development proposal allows us to create a device that is tailor-made to exact customer needs, minimizing costly redesign risk and ensuring best-in-class performance.




Our smallest TECs are perfect for TO Can-based laser and detectors from 10G to 25G to 50G and beyond, including PON, 5G mobile and FTTx. Typically less than 3 mm per side and optimized for up to 600 mW of heat.

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ReefTEC™ Non-Hermetic TEC Platform

Completely re-engineered TECs that help enable dramatic cost savings at the package level without sacrificing performance or reliability, for non-hermetic applications.

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ReefTEC component


Perfect for TOSAs that support 100G LR4, 100G DR1, and 400G DR4/FR4/ZR products as well as 25G and 50G for mobile applications. Typically 4 to 6mm on a side and optimized to efficiently handle up to 1 W heat loads.

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Butterfly Package TECs

TECs geared for larger packages and heat loads such as pump lasers, DWDM/tunable lasers, and Photonic integrated circuits. These TECs are 5 to 10 mm per side and can handle up to 4 W of heat.

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Butterfly package

Automotive LiDAR TECs

Our TECs for automotive LiDAR applications offer unrivaled active cooling performance and reliability. Work with us to design an application-specific TEC that’s optimized for your LiDAR sensor application!

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