What is Frost Free?

June 14, 2019

Frost Free also known as auto defrost and self-defrosting are appliances that use a technique which regularly defrosts the evaporator in a refrigerator or freezer. The defrost feature works by the refrigerator heating the cooling element for a brief period of time to allow the frost around the evaporator coil to melt. There is then a drain to take the water out of the area. Advantages to frost-free include no increased power consumption due to no need for manual defrost and better temperature management. The disadvantages are that freezer burn can occur with the warming period and these systems can’t be used in labs because they can degrade certain delicate reagents like enzymes.

Auto Cycle

Auto Cycle undergoes a similar process. The difference is that when frosting occurs, the compressor will shut off thus sending the refrigerator into its auto cycle defrost mode. With the melting of the frost, there is a drain to collect the liquid. In addition, recovery for temperature regeneration upon door traffic takes longer. 

Phononic Tackling Frost

Phononic is an innovative solid state technology company. We use semiconductors to produce products that cool. Our products offer a defrost option to ensure you don't have to deal with frost. With our devices, one merely goes to the “settings” option on the screen of the refrigerator. Once there, then you select “Defrost” and it will ask you to set-up and run a manual defrost. The Defrost system also shows when the unit ran a defrost function last. This is convenient for checking the effectiveness of your refrigerator.