What is a Countertop Refrigerator?

June 14, 2019

Space is at a premium in retail. A countertop refrigerator fits well on top of counters, enabling the retailer to showcase beverage items at the point of sale. In addition to retail settings, bars and restaurants have a need for countertop cooling. A countertop refrigerator may also be referred to as a mini fridge.

Countertop Refrigerator Benefits

Grocery stores and convenience stores are looking for opportunities to drive higher beverage sales. Typical commercial refrigerators are tall and wide, so they need to be placed around the periphery or the back and side walls of the store. But single-serve drinks, which make excellent impulse buys, when merchandised in a countertop refrigerator, can be placed at or near the checkout counter.

A countertop refrigerator is also perfect to use behind a bar top. It makes it convenient and quick for bartenders to grab what they need out of the fridge, while serving customers.

Countertop Refrigerator Features

Countertop refrigerators need to be small and light enough to fit on top of a counter. They should also have a glass door, like any other merchandising fridge, so customers can easily see what’s inside and pick out what they want.

Traditional refrigerators use a compressor as a cooling solution. Solid state technology-based refrigerators use tiny semiconductors to cool, eliminating harmful refrigerants while ensuring quiet and vibration-free operation. Noisy vibrations are typically caused by compressors. Solid state fridges are also compact, fitting on countertops while offering adequate storage capacity.

Phononic’s Countertop Refrigerators

A countertop refrigerator from Phononic is perfect for storing cold foods at checkout counters and on top of bars. The 5.2 cu. ft. Merchandising Refrigerator and the 0.4 cu. ft. Merchandising Refrigerator both can be placed on counters across retail, hospitality and other segments. This provides store and restaurant managers with the flexibility needed to stock cold items on countertops and in tight spaces. Phononic’s merchandising fridges use solid state technology to maintain consistent, uniform temperatures. Without bulky, loud compressors, they fit well anywhere in the store or restaurant, and also reduce maintenance requirements, primarily due to lack of moving parts.