The Unlimited Potential of Solid State

June 13, 2019

At Phononic, we are reimagining cooling and heating in a way never considered possible – with a solid state chip. At first, our technology faced skepticism: how could a thumbnail-sized chip ever cool or heat something reliably? However, semiconductor chip-based technology has already led to sustainable solid state solutions, such as the transistor, solar cell and LED lightbulb – all of which disrupted legacy technologies. Cooling and refrigeration were just missing pieces of the puzzle, chained to antiquated compressor technology for over a century. Previous semiconductor cooling attempts had failed due to performance and reliability issues.

Phononic TECs have smashed that barrier. With millions installed in the most demanding optical communications applications around the world, our TECs are tested and proven to exceed even the most stringent Telcordia and MIL-SPEC standards.

To further prove the viability of our solid state technology through productization, our co-founder and CEO, Dr. Tony Atti, brought the best mechanical, thermal and electronic control experts together under one roof. As our team started to build products, such as refrigerators and freezers, the many benefits of our chips for cooling products became clear: near-silent operation, compact size, unsurpassed sustainability, excellent temperature uniformity and long-lasting reliability. Compressors just can’t compete.

The Unlimited Potential of Solid State

Today, our solid state chip is displacing century-old compressor incumbents and enabling market leaders, designers and engineers to transform their industries with next generation product designs. We’re partnering with companies to co-create new or existing products with solid state solutions, which are driving a massive shift in how the modern world cools, heats and lives.

We designed and built the first-ever ENERGY STAR™-certified solid state, medical-grade refrigerator (sold by our partner, Thermo Fisher Scientific) to help hospitals and labs safeguard lifesaving drugs and vaccines.

We’ve partnered with Bryte Labs, the sleep technology company, to embed dual cooling and heating zones in the world’s most intelligent sleep platform, the BRYTE Bed. The dual zones vastly improve sleep quality, optimizing and managing body temperature throughout the night for a longer, deeper and more restful sleep.

We offer first-of-their-kind merchandising solutions for the constantly evolving food & beverage retail industry. For Pepsi Bottling Ventures (Pepsi’s top North American distributor), our solid state commercial beverage refrigerators are exactly the innovative solid state cooling technology food retailers need to improve operating margins and maximize selling potential. Phononic’s F200 Merchandising Freezer provides global consumer goods company Unilever with the never-before-possible opportunity to sell grab-and-go ice cream at the high-impulse checkout counter. And at PNC Arena, the premier sports and entertainment venue in Raleigh, NC, a compact, sustainable and nearly silent Phononic freezer lets fans purchase frozen treats directly at the point of sale.

A Call for Collaboration

After transforming our solid state chips into finished goods and selling to some of the most respected brands in the world, Phononic is now focused on providing integrated system designs to partners utilizing our differentiated semiconductor components and thermal subsystems.

We invite market leaders, industrial designers and engineers to rethink how to cool and heat things, and to join us in solving the world’s toughest thermal challenges.

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