The CDC and Refrigeration

June 14, 2019

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is the United States' national public health institute, a federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services. Its headquarters are in Atlanta, GA. The CDC was founded in 1946.

The CDC's goal is to promote and protect public health by preventing and controlling illness, injury, and disability. Its primary areas of focus include infectious disease, food-borne disease, and environmental health, among others. It also plays an important role in global health and safety.

The CDC and Refrigeration

The CDC issues standards and guidelines to promote public health and safety. Some of these standards relate to the safe refrigeration of food, vaccines, and breast milk. Recommendations and safety tips include ideal temperature ranges and the safe ranges of time that certain materials can be outside of a refrigerator. For standard compressor-based refrigerators, there are also guidelines for where in the cabinet vaccinations and medications should be placed, avoiding the edges.

Temperature Guidelines for Safe Refrigeration:

Phononic Refrigerators & CDC Regulations

Phononic’s solid state medical-grade refrigerators exceed CDC requirements for vaccines and breast milk. They use constant monitoring and continuous adjustment to deliver up to 20X better temperature stability than compressor-based alternatives. Traditional refrigerators can oscillate up to 5°C, while our solutions oscillate at just 0.5°C. This eliminates the risk of freeze zones and hot spots. They also monitor door openings to trigger an instant response for faster temperature recovery in high use.

Our refrigerators offer superior temperature stability throughout the entire cabinet, eliminating the need to keep materials on only the center racks. Phononic refrigerators are also cleanroom-ready. Solid state cooling is low-exhaust, without grease, oil or particulates. This makes our solutions ready for use while meeting USP <800> guidelines with no additional renovation or special ventilation needed.