Solving Retail Disruption with Solid State Technology

June 14, 2019

Online retail shopping is becoming increasingly more popular thus putting revenue from your brick and mortar store at risk. Retail disruption calls for the need to reform and alter your retail approach when an obstacle surfaces such as competing with online retailers. Retail disruption demands innovative approaches towards store redesign to promote high margin products and create a convenient and engaging shopping experience. Having a physical store calls for providing a reason for the customers to leave the comfort of home to shop. Retailers are constantly experimenting with a multitude of options with the goal of making the shopping experience simple, convenient, personal, and attractive.

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Phononic: Your Solution To Retail Disruption

Phononic uses innovation to drive your company toward greater revenue and success. Phononic increases the possibilities for new product placement and promotion with technology. Our solid state cooling technology fosters a phenomenal retail customer experience with compact, quiet, clean, and safe design. Having been named a Top 50 Disruptor by CNBC (for 2016 & 2017), we are confident that our designs can provide a better experience for your customers, and therefore assist you in overcoming the competition of online retail. While compact, we provide unrivaled temperature stability and 40% greater carrying capacity. Choosing solid state refrigeration keeps your customers in a happier state of mind, provides convenience, and allows you to sell more.