Solid State Lab Refrigerator

June 14, 2019

A lab refrigerator is used for storing important samples, medications and other materials. In medical labs and pharmacies, lab refrigerators need to be medical grade and meet compliance standards. To ensure safe storage, a lab refrigerator should have temperature control, temperature monitoring and an alarm system.

Lab Refrigerator Requirements

Because the materials stored inside are so sensitive, the Joint Commission recognizes that lab refrigerators require a higher level of design quality than food and beverage fridges. A lab refrigerator that meets the required specs can also earn ENERGY STAR designation from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The ENERGY STAR program recognizes businesses that prioritize energy efficiency.

The ENERGY STAR program defines a lab refrigerator as a fridge that operates at temperatures between 0°C and 12°C (32°F and 53.6°F). A high-performance lab refrigerator does not exceed a temperature variance of more than 6°C.

There are also special cleanroom requirements for USP <800> Hazardous Drugs. It’s difficult for compressor-based fridges to meet these standards, because they require special ventilation. Their heat output from the compressor also means facilities that use them need to constantly control the temperature inside the lab.

A solid state lab refrigerator uses semiconductor technology as a cooling method instead of a compressor. These types of lab refrigerators deliver better energy efficiency, a cooler working environment and require no special ventilation, helping facilities more easily meet USP <800> requirements for compounding cleanrooms. With less preventative maintenance and better reliability, solid state lab refrigerators easily meet compliance standards for storing sensitive drugs and specimens.

Phononic Lab Refrigerators

Phononic’s line of medical grade lab refrigerators deliver excellent performance and reliability. They are ENERGY STAR certified and compliant with both USP <797> and USP <800> standards. Our medical refrigeration products feature excellent temperature uniformity, with fluctuations of just 0.5°C, and increased storage capacity. Our solid state technology cools the fridge evenly, so you can store specimens, medications or vaccinations anywhere in the fridge without worrying about inadvertent freezing or warm zones. With no moving parts to fatigue and fail over time, a Phononic medical grade refrigerator requires less maintenance and upkeep than traditional compressor-based fridges, with automated data logging and a built-in monitoring system.