Sell More with a Glass Door Freezer

June 13, 2019

A glass door freezer is commonly used in food and beverage retail to store and display cold products. This type of commercial cooler features a glass front door, making it easy for customers to see the products inside. A glass door freezer is similar to a glass door refrigerator or glass front refrigerator, but with colder temperatures for frozen foods.

In food and beverage retail, the goal is to sell high-margin frozen foods. Any commercial refrigerator or freezer should serve that purpose. With a glass door freezer, customers in grocery and convenience stores can see what's inside from a quick glance. This leads to more impulse buys of popular frozen food items like ice cream, popsicles, and single-serve meals.

Glass Door Freezer Sizes

Some glass door freezers are large, with 72 cu. ft. of volume. They typically fit in a traditional grocery store aisle. Glass door freezers are the standard in the frozen food section, allowing customers to preview the food without opening the doors. Some freezers can be wrapped in a banner, for branding purposes. 

Glass door freezers that are small are easier to place in convenient locations, such as the checkout counter. Using a freezer that fits on top of a counter allows businesses to feature popular products in high-impulse areas. With a countertop freezer, grocery and convenience stores can keep the checkout area stocked with ice cream and other treats. They can also strategically place those products around the store, or feature them as free samples for shoppers to try.

Glass Door Freezers from Phononic

Traditional glass door freezers are cooled with a compressor. Compressors are bulky, making the freezer even larger. Store managers are forced to keep them in the back of the store. Compressors are also mechanical, requiring more maintenance. These types of fridges use toxic refrigerants to cool products, creating an unhealthy environment.

Phononic offers a line of merchandising freezers with solid state cooling technology that displaces outdated compressors. Our glass door freezer design uses semiconductor chips to create cooling, eliminating toxic refrigerants from the process. Our freezers are compact, so they can be placed in the best location for selling products, such as at checkout. They deliver excellent temperature control and uniformity, while also cutting down on maintenance.