Phononic Wins 2018 BIG Innovation Award for Breaking the Boundaries of Solid State Cooling

June 13, 2019

Phononic Wins 2018 BIG Innovation Award for Breaking the Boundaries of Solid State Cooling

DURHAM, N.C. — February 9, 2018 — Phononic, a global leader in solid state cooling breaking the boundaries of semiconductor innovation, today announced it has been named a winner in the 2018 BIG Innovation Awards presented by the Business Intelligence Group. Founded and led by Dr. Tony Atti, Phononic is challenging the paradigm of high-performance cooling with its solid state cooling and heating management solutions that disrupt decades-old compressor incumbents. Phononic’s ability to expertly design, prototype and manufacture devices, scalable components and integrated systems allows the company to meet the challenge of cooling the modern world.

“Semiconductor technology has transformed data, communications, solar power and lighting. Now, we are leveraging solid state innovation to create a new standard that eliminates the inefficiencies that have plagued cooling for a century,” said Tony Atti, founder and CEO of Phononic. “This latest honor recognizes the infinite potential that our bleeding-edge technology realizes through disruptive products, not thought possible from a semiconductor and not imaginable from a compressor incumbent.”

Through its high-performance, sustainable solutions, Phononic is revolutionizing several industries, including the healthcare, commercial food and beverage, and data transmission markets. Within the modern medical field, Phononic’s innovations are ushering in a new standard of care, allowing medical professionals to deliver quality drugs and vaccines at the optimal temperature, and enabling innovations like in-room storage of mother’s milk in neonatal intensive care units. For the food and beverage space, Phononic’s solid state refrigeration creates entirely new revenue opportunities for retailers distributed throughout their stores. The compressor-less units provide improved inventory capacity thereby increasing throughput for retailers, in addition to providing reliable operation and minimal maintenance, and a visually-appealing design to allow improved promotion of products. Phononic’s technology is also relied upon for the critical cooling of sensitive optoelectronic components, such as lasers, detectors, modulators and filters.

This accolade from the Business Intelligence Group is just the latest example of Phononic’s success. The company is a two-time defending CNBC Disruptor, the first solid state refrigerator to earn ENERGY STAR certification, and the recipient of ENERGY STAR’s Emerging Technology Award in 2017.

“This year’s winners show the diversity of innovation and its impact on the economy, our cultures and the world as a whole,” said Maria Jimenez, chief operating officer of the Business Intelligence Group. “We are thrilled to be honoring Phononic as they are leading by example and making real progress on improving the daily lives of so many.”

Organizations from across the globe submitted their recent innovations for consideration in the 2018 BIG Innovation Awards. Nominations were then judged by a select group of business leaders and executives who volunteer their time and expertise to score submissions and provide feedback.

About Phononic

Phononic’s unrivaled approach to solid state cooling is breaking the boundaries of semiconductor innovation to deliver unprecedented performance and sustainability across the globe. From disrupting refrigeration and freezing, to cooling pinhead-sized fiber optics, Phononic’s technology takes infinite forms to unseat the wasteful and unreliable cooling solutions of the past, which depend on bulky compressors, noisy fans and noxious gases simply not suited for the modern world.  Phononic is transforming the way life-saving drugs and vaccines are protected, data is transmitted and food and beverages are sold, stored and transported. The company has been named to the 2016 and 2017 CNBC Disruptor 50 lists, received the US EPA’s 2017 Emerging Tech Award, R&D 100 Award and more. For more information visit or follow us on Twitter @PhononicRTP

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