North Carolina Rated No. 1 State for Business

July 14, 2022

North Carolina was just named the No. 1 state for business with the nation’s strongest economy, according to CNBC.

From the article:

North Carolina, scoring 1,580 out of 2,500, wins CNBC’s state competitiveness rankings. Also finishing second in 2021, North Carolina cements itself as an economic powerhouse in North America, with 6.7% economic growth and 3.6% job growth.

State leaders put aside their political differences to boost business and the economy, successfully attracting major businesses to set up headquarters in the state and creating billion-dollar incentive packages supporting further development. For example, besides Apple and Google planning to build headquarters, EV giant VinFast has agreed to build a two-billion-dollar factory in North Carolina.

The complete top 10 list is as follows:

    1. North Carolina
    2. Washington
    3. Virginia
    4. Colorado
    5. Texas
    6. Tennessee
    7. Nebraska
    8. Utah
    9. Minnesota
    10. Georgia

To read the full article from CNBC, click here.