Food Logistics: Let’s Eat!

December 17, 2021

The pandemic and shift to home dining and takeout changed the recipe for the food supply chain. Here’s how food companies are devouring new challenges.

As more food travels directly to consumers rather than moving on pallets from distribution centers to stores, maintaining the cold chain becomes more complicated and challenging.

One reason is a shortage of technicians who have earned the necessary certifications in these systems, says Dana Krug, vice president and general manager, food and beverage, with Phononic, which provides solid state cooling and heating technology. Some regulations now restrict passive cooling, like gel packs or dry ice, he adds.

Phononic’s actively-cooled totes, introduced in fall 2021, provide on-demand cooling and reduce the need for mammoth, expensive freezers and refrigerators, Krug says. They use water and carbon dioxide as the coolant, eliminating the need for toxic refrigerants. Three of the top 10 grocers and the leading automation partners for micro-fulfillment centers are currently using them, the company reports.

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