Expand Your Product Portfolio with Solid State Refrigerators and Freezers

August 2, 2019

In Foodservice Equipment & Supplies’ recent Consultants’ Roundtable, foodservice designers shared their insights on kitchen trends, the impact of off-premise dining and other shifts in the foodservice industry. One of the article’s recurring themes is the rise in requests for built-in space for grab-and-go items. Growth in off-premise eating is prompting operators to install more impulse purchase areas, cubbies or shelves where there would have normally had a queue line. And as more operators expand service to all-day dining, they want to offer more quick-pickup spots.

With the desire for more grab-and-go checkout spaces for products, food equipment manufacturers have a unique opportunity to unlock a new sales channel with groundbreaking technology: solid state refrigerators and freezers.

Because solid state refrigerators and freezers are compressor-free, they have a very small footprint and easily fit on product shelves, checkout stations and food services counters – prime places for impulse sales. As an innovative addition to your product portfolio, solid state cooling can increase your overall sales and open new high-margin revenue options for your customers. Revolutionary yet proven technology, Phononic solid state cooling solutions have been used in leading hospitals and laboratories across the U.S. since 2014.

Here are four reasons why you may want to consider offering solid state fridges and freezers to your customers:

  1. Increase overall sales (for both you and your customers).

    In all probability, your customers have never even considered the opportunity to sell chilled and frozen products at the checkout counter. Now, you can help them place products exactly where their customers are ready to make impulse purchases.
  2. Drive higher margin sales for your customers.

    Today, your customers have very limited opportunities to store and offer grab-and-go frozen and chilled items. With solid state refrigerators and freezers, they can introduce single-serve options at checkout to drive high-margin impulse sales and provide in-store sampling of new flavors.
  3. Expand your product line and create a new revenue stream.

    With unmatched versatility of placement, your customers can display and sell food items in locations previously considered beyond reach. Solid state technology allows you to reimagine your sales strategy and enhance your overall food service product portfolio to establish a new revenue stream with new and existing customers.
  4. Spend less time and expenses on service calls.

    Because solid state cooling does not involve compressors or mechanical forces, there are no moving parts to fatigue and fail over time. With fewer breakdowns, maintenance needs and service calls, your customers will be thrilled with the increase in uptime and revenue.

Phononic’s solid state solutions not only allow you to expand your product portfolio, but also enable your customers to place chilled and frozen products where they can be easily accessed in restaurants or always visible in stores.

Want to find out more about how solid state cooling can help you achieve revenue growth and gain new market share? Get in touch with our Food and Beverage team.