June 17, 2019

ENERGY STAR® is a federal program that promotes energy efficiency. It is managed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy. The program helps provide information about energy-efficient products as well as energy-saving tips for home and business owners. ENERGY STAR was founded in 1992 and has helped American homes and businesses save more than $450 billion in energy costs in the 26 years since then.

Receiving ENERGY STAR Certification

The EPA awards the ENERGY STAR symbol to products, homes, and buildings that rate highly in terms of energy efficiency. Each product that receives ENERGY STAR certification is independently certified for energy efficiency. If a product or building reaches the EPA's standard for efficiency, it receives the ENERGY STAR symbol. ENERGY STAR homes are up to 15% more energy efficient than homes built to minimum code. American consumers recognize and value the ENERGY STAR symbol, with an average of 800,000 ENERGY STAR certified products purchased every day in 2016. Even though ENERGY STAR is a voluntary program, it's clear that products that achieve ENERGY STAR certification are in demand.

ENERGY STAR and Phononic Products

To reduce energy costs, hospitals and labs should seek out products that are ENERGY STAR certified. Phononic's medical-grade refrigerators are the first solid state medical refrigerators to achieve ENERGY STAR certification. Our ENERGY STAR refrigerator delivers unprecedented energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction. Because there's no compressor, they eliminate noxious gases, making them environmentally friendly. Energy savings lead to cost savings, so you can reduce expenses and maximize your profits with a Phononic refrigerator. Phononic refrigerators deliver excellent temperature stability and uniformity, so you can safely store products anywhere in the cabinet and make the most of limited space. Our ENERGY STAR refrigerators will save you on both storage space and energy costs, making them the most efficient cooling solution for your most sensitive products.