Benefits of a Glass Door Merchandiser

June 13, 2019

A glass door merchandiser is perfect for the purposes of the food and beverage industry. A glass door merchandiser is a model of refrigerator or freezer that has glass doors that allow merchandise to catch the eye of a passing customer. With the glass door feature, you are able to openly advertise and show your product.  A glass door merchandiser is built to include a stylish banner at the top and branding on the sides.  The displays on the outside of the refrigerator often indicate the kind of beverages that are found inside the refrigerator.

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Glass Door Merchandising Coolers

Glass door merchandisers can come in the form of refrigerators or freezers.  They come in many different sizes, from 5. cu. ft. to 72 cu. ft. Countertop models are smaller and only store a handful of items. These models are great for convenience stores looking to put a glass door merchandiser close to the check out area. The location of the compressor in these models is an important factor to consider. The compressor is usually found in the top or the bottom of the unit and has significant implications in terms of cleaning and maintenance. 

Phononic Glass Door Merchandising Products

Phononic offers commercial refrigerators and freezer in multiple sizes. Our patented solid state cooling technology is completely unlike the antiquated compressor-based refrigerators. Our refrigerators are compact, quieter, cleaner and safer, with up to 40% more capacity, unrivaled temperature stability, and smarter resource consumption. Solid state cooling is more sustainable refrigeration that actually lets you sell more and keep customers happier. Our refrigerators and freezers are reliable and low-maintenance, so customers will have a consistent experience and your team won’t spend half their time fixing broken compressors and fans. Because our refrigerators don’t release hot air into the workplace and are nearly silent when operating, you can place them anywhere that makes the most sense for you – whether that’s on a bar top or checkout counter. By getting better placement for your products, you’re guaranteed to sell more high-margin items (including frozen treats).