Automated Dispensing Cabinet

June 13, 2019

Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADCs) are an example of pharmacy automation, the mechanical processes of securely handling and distributing medications. A medication dispensing cabinet is an electronic drug storage device primarily for hospitals. These devices make it easier to store, dispense, and manage medication near the point of care. This also allows being able to control and monitor drug distribution to ensure the right drug, the right dose for the right patient. The benefits of automated dispensing cabinets include improvements in patient safety, accountability of drug inventory, more efficient billing practices, and greater satisfaction for nurses and patients. ADCs also provide reliable counting and verification of these medicines being stored.

Prior to automated dispensing, the process of dispensing medication was prone to error and time consuming to ensure patient safety and that the workload was being appropriately met. In fact, often times a pharmacist would be working longer than expected hours and needing to employ more staff given the greater demand and increased workloads.  

Phononic and Medical Storage

Currently, Phononic does not offer automated dispensing cabinets. However, refrigerated solutions for automated dispensing cabinets do exist. Phononic specializes in solid state cooling. We provide refrigeration and cooling solutions for laboratory and medical applications. We deliver quality vaccine and drug storage to ensure consistent cooling and optimal temperatures for medications. We offer a lock feature option for these units to incorporate to most ADCs for the intended purposes of increased safety for both patients and medical staff. In addition for greater assurance of safety, our medical refrigeration units are compact.