September 29, 2019

Addressing Reliability in LiDAR Systems with Thermoelectric Cooling

LiDAR technology is useful for autonomous vehicles to create a virtual map of the area around a vehicle to measure velocity and provide data communication.


July 31, 2019

Phononic Brings High-Performance Electronics Cooling to Asia Pacific

Phononic is expanding its international presence into the Asia Pacific region with a new office in Taiwan, as well as a new regional manager and strategic partnership.


June 18, 2019

Cooling in LiDAR Applications

LiDAR is a surveying method that is used to accurately measure distance from a target. Applications are growing in popularity as the world becomes increasingly connected through the Internet of Things


June 14, 2019

100G Applications and Cooling Needs

100G refers to 100 Gigabit Internet. It is a computer networking technology that can transmit data at rates of 100 gigabits per second. Read more!


June 14, 2019

Laser Cooling by Phononic

Cooling of lasers is necessary because with active cooling and temperature control, lasers can maintain a more specified signal and data rate. Learn more!