We have harnessed the thermoelectric power of phonons to revolutionize how the world cools and heats.

Our solid state chip is smaller, quieter, sustainable, more reliable, and more economical than any other cooling technology—and it’s upending a century of antiquated compressor technology and traditional methods of refrigeration.

This is solid state innovation.

Our world-class team has engineered an entirely new thermoelectric approach that’s powerful, flexible, and efficient. Phononic’s Solid State Heat Pumps and integrated system design are transforming cooling and heating for countless industries and creating new markets, with the potential to change the world.

Our technology

Your revolutionary ideas. Our technology.

We work with designers, engineers, and industry leaders to create more reliable, efficient, and sustainable thermal solutions. From components to system designs to the fully finished product, Phononic is the element of innovation that brings your ideas to life.

Create with us

Endless possibilities.

Rethink everything that’s been designed to cool and heat. See the benefits of using our solid state technology.

icon Unsurpassed sustainability

Using just CO2 & water, with no toxic refrigerants that contribute to global warming, Phononic’s solid state solution is the most sustainable cooling and heating technology available.

icon More efficient, up to 40% energy savings

Phononic’s ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerators deliver up to 40% energy savings versus compressor-based refrigerators.

icon More precise, up to 20x better temperature stability

With unprecedented temperature stability and uniformity that fluctuates at just ±0.5°C, Phononic’s solid state refrigerators keep food and beverages fresh and meet FDA & CDC temperature requirements to keep vaccines, medications and breast milk safe.

icon Near-silent, less than 35 dB

Unlike compressors, Phononic’s solid state refrigerators are nearly silent and easily placed in home, hotel and hospital environments that deserve peace and quiet.

icon Compact, up to 40% more storage capacity

By eliminating the bulky compressor, Phononic’s solid state refrigerators offer up to 40% more storage capacity for commercial beverage coolers and medical-grade refrigerators.

icon More reliable, lowering costs by up to 30%

Without moving parts that fatigue and fail over time, Phononic’s solid state refrigerators and freezers have less maintenance, more uptime—significantly lowering operating costs.

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