Commercial Undercounter Refrigerator

5.5 Cu. Ft. Cold Storage for Grocery and Convenience Stores, Restaurants, Bars, Stadiums and More

The undercounter commercial refrigerator from Phononic relies on semiconductor chips to create and maintain consistent cooling. Compact, modern and quiet, it holds up to 40% more in a small space, allowing you to promote high-margin products in impulse purchase areas or fit more equipment into your tight kitchen or barback space.

Without the moving parts of compressors and fans, our solid-state refrigerators are more reliable, requiring less maintenance than traditional alternatives. Our refrigerators deliver better, more efficient and more sustainable performance, giving you higher ROI.

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  • Up to 40% more storage capacity to minimize restocking – and offer more front-of-shelf space
  • Accurate, stable temperature control keeps foods at the perfect temperature without freezing or hot spots
  • Small and nearly silent, perfect for use at checkout, in kitchens and behind bars
  • Fast recovery keeps food cold even with repeated door openings
  • Low maintenance with long life-span
  • Clean, aesthetic designs enhance your brand


  • 5.5 cu. ft. internal capacity
  • Packing factor: up to 220 twelve oz cans, 54 twenty oz bottles
  • High efficiency, up to 40% better than traditional refrigerators
  • Quiet operation at less than 35dBA
  • Automated data logging

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