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Hex FAQs

Does it matter which direction/orientation the cooler is installed?

Yes – for optimal performance, the air flow should move from one direction and be in line with case air flow.

Does the unit control the fan speed?

No – the fan connector simply passes the BIOS settings through the HEX 2.0 control board. You can still control the fan and set fan curves via BIOS or other utilities.

How do I know if the HEX 2.0 active cooling is working?

The best way to see how the unit is operating is to download the HEX 2.0 software application, which runs on Windows OS. The app will describe the unit operation, let you know of any faults, and allow you to set LED color and change the set-point when active cooling powers up.

Will the HEX 2.0 software application run on a Linux platform?

The HEX 2.0 application is designed for Microsoft Windows platforms only at this time. We don’t offer Linux support at this time.

I am having a technical difficulty and/or need support.

Please either fill out the support form on the bottom of the HEX 2.0 page or contact customer support directly by calling 1-844-476-4202, Monday through Friday, during business hours.

AMD Ryzen Support

AMD’s new Ryzen chips promise smooth gaming and advanced multi-processing performance. As Tweaktown wrote back in March: “AMD fans have something to rejoice about, and CPU buyers have some tough decisions to make.” But whichever choice you make for your CPU, you’ll want to use the best cooling solution to keep your performance at peak.

Phononic’s HEX 2.0, the industry’s best small form-factor CPU cooling solution, has AM4 kits available now.

For a limited time, registered HEX owners can request the new Ryzen AMD brackets free of charge.

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