ReefTEC™ Non-Hermetic TEC Platform

Phononic’s non-hermetic compatible TEC platform is fundamentally re-engineered to provide telecom-grade reliability and unparalleled cooling performance for non-hermetic laser packaging. Our platform addresses the root cause of TEC failure in highly accelerated condensing environments and improve reliability by 5X over hermetic TECs or alternative non-hermetic solutions.

ReefTEC component

Cutting-edge technology.

Uncompromised performance

ReefTEC™ is uniquely capable of enabling optical component suppliers to design out expensive packaging, but maintain the performance benefit of cooling. Up to 60% higher heat pumping density and up to 30% less power consumption drives global data transmission.

Extreme reliability

Our ReefTEC platform can meet the most exacting reliability requirements of optical communications components, even in non-hermetic packaging where there is risk of condensation.

Precision at scale

Our automated manufacturing line with extensive process control and metrology ensures superior quality and reliability in high-volume production.

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