Butterfly Package TECs

Phononic supports the cooling of butterfly laser packages with high-performance, low power-consumption TECs that withstand the challenges inherent in applications such as pump lasers, photonic integrated circuits, or LiDAR light sources. Butterfly packages require reliable, larger-sized, higher-density heat pumping TECs to support the amplification and transfer of data across extremely long distances. When the quality of global communications is at stake and there’s a massive construction budget on the line, you can’t settle for standard products. All of our TECs are configured to meet your needs.

Butterfly Package TECs


Uncompromised performance

Up to 60% higher heat pumping density and up to 30% less power consumption drives global data transmission.

Extreme reliability

The process control and in-line metrology employed in our automated manufacturing facility ensure reliability and precision that scales into production, as evidenced by a TEC return rate of 0% in mass production.

Precision at scale

Our automated manufacturing line with extensive process control and metrology ensures superior quality and reliability in high-volume production.

Multiple integration options

With many integration options available, from bare wire bond pads to high-temp solder to patterned cold-side metallization and more, you won’t be limited.

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