Phononic’s Intelligent Actively-Cooled Totes

Phononic’s actively-cooled freezer and refrigerator totes provide the perfect temperature to freeze and cool orders for micro fulfillment centers (MFCs), grocery retail’s curbside operations, transport and delivery, and pickup and lockers — maintaining cold chain integrity throughout the entire process. Our scalable and sustainable cooling technology offers unmatched ROI and flexibility for an exploding segment.



Phononic Intelligent Actively-Cooled Tote – Freezer

A comprehensive solution for freezing, delivering unmatched cold chain integrity as well as strong ROI and labor savings across the entire cold chain fulfillment ecosystem.

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Phononic Intelligent Actively-Cooled Tote – Refrigerator

A comprehensive solution for refrigeration, delivering unmatched cold chain integrity as well as strong ROI and labor savings across the entire cold chain fulfillment ecosystem.

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What Phononic’s active cooling platform and technology offers.

Strong ROI

Reduces cost by eliminating the need for tri-temp storage capital expense, in both fixed and mobile implementations. Also reduces fulfillment complexity and labor cost.

icon image Unsurpassed sustainability

Traditional cooling systems use CFCs, hydrocarbons, and other toxic refrigerants. With just CO2 and water, our system is non-toxic and non-flammable—and eliminates the need for dry ice, gel packs or ice blocks.

Real-time Insights

The totes use wireless contact charging and are WiFi and IoT ready, offering real-time insight into your cold chain automation process, leading to an increase in operational efficiencies.


Transforms your OPEX and CAPEX tp being based on real time demand; allows for flexibility in scaling chilled and frozen storage as demand fluctuates.

Demand-based energy savings

Cool or freeze only the number of customer orders needed based on demand, rather than an entire cooler, warehouse or transport truck.

Icon Image Versatile

One common solution solves multiple use cases: Storage; Pick-and-pack (Manual, Semi Automated, Automated); Curbside pickup; Delivery and Unassisted delivery; Hub and Spoke.

Flexibility to Scale

Increases the flexibility to scale with operational needs. Kick off with one container or grow to 3000+ in a site without cooling rooms, freezer warehouses or tri-temp trucks.

icon image Compressor-free

The elimination of the compressor combined with Phononic’s patented refrigeration and freezing technology maximizes internal volume while keeping the container compact.

Improved customer experience

Strengthens customer loyalty by ensuring order freshness and a positive experience with ever- evolving e-commerce platforms.

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