Bringing sustainable cooling technology to retail.

Phononic’s partnership with Pepsi Bottling Ventures, North America’s largest privately held Pepsi-Cola manufacturer, seller and distributor, gives food retailers the ability to rethink the in-store layout and create new revenue opportunities with the most sustainable cooling technology on earth.

Pepsi Bottles in a refrigerator

Meeting industry disruption head-on.

The unrivaled cooling performance of the solid-state Phononic C600 Merchandising Refrigerator answers the food and beverage industry’s need for innovations at checkout as well as in-store convenience, allowing businesses to meet consumer demands, technology upgrades, and sustainability markers, all while balancing their bottom line.

Greater ROI

Phononic delivers a total cost of ownership value through sustainability, increased reliability, and reduced maintenance costs of up to 70% (compared to traditional compressor-based refrigerators).

icon image Higher capacity

With up to 30% more capacity, Phononic’s merchandising refrigerators store more inventory, driving higher sales and lower replenishment trips.

Unsurpassed sustainability

Using just CO2 and water, Phononic refrigerators are cleaner and safer than the harmful hydrocarbons widely used today as refrigerants.



Phononic C600 Merchandising Refrigerator

Removing the compressor gives the C600 Merchandising Refrigerator up to 30% more storage space to display and sell high margin beverages.

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